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The composition for vertical stamping Motivi is specially developed on the base of lightweight polymer cement material in combination with chemical additives. It is designed for indoor and outdoor decorative vertical stamping - decoration of walls, stone and water cascades, artificial rocks, concrete statues, ornaments, etc.
SALMERO Ltd. offers composition for vertical stamping of decorative and stamped concrete with trade mark Motivi
Motivi allows easy structuring of deep relief. After getting solid a stable layer is formed of the stamp type, which is used, like natural stone, rock or tree, depending on the laying technique for the Decorative and Stamped Concrete.
Available in two colours: grey and white.

For additional inlayed acid stains and water patina colorаnts are used.
When working with the composition for vertical stamping one can apply liquid or powder release agents.
SALMERO Ltd. offers the following stamps for vertical stamping of Stamped and Decorative Concrete:
Small Green
Small Black
Small Blue
Small Single
Large Green
Large Black
Large Red
Small Black
Platteville Limestone Stamps for Vertical Stamping
Top Stone Wall Stamps for Vertical Stamping
Weathered Edge Wall Stamps for Vertical Stamping 
Small Black
Small Blue
Small Green
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Stamps for Stamped and Decorative Concrete
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Stamped and Decorative Concrete
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