SALMERO Ltd. has specialized in the manufacturing, trading, import and export of chemical products for construction industry, the introduction of advanced construction materials and technologies.

Щампован бетон, декоративен бетон - Салмеро ООД
Industrial Paints and Coatings
Stamped and Decorative Concrete
Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete - GFRC
Stamped and Decorative Concrete
SALMERO Ltd. offers professional materials and tools for Stamped Concrete, for Decorative Concrete, for Glass Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), as well as industrial paints and coatings. We offer to our Clients a wide range of colour hardeners, release agents, varnishes, impregnating agents, plasticizers, stamps, mats and stencils for Stamped Concrete and Decorative Concrete.
Impregnators and Varnishes for Concrete
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Stamped concrete is a term that connect all types of coverings that are implemented by printing a print, pattern or texture roller on colored plastic concrete. With this technique, time-proven versatile building material - concrete, reproduces the kind of natural building materials - rock, tiles, wood and others. Stamped concrete is proposed in the 50's of last century in USA. Technology began to develop during the 70 years of last century. By developing more models and techniques for implementing, stamped concrete technology is becoming more and more popular and now is the preferred technique for making concrete coverings.
Through the technology of stamped concrete the standard concrete is becoming a unique decorative item. Wide range of available colors for concrete, combined with various techniques for imparting a patina give infinite and unique variety of colors. Coupled with the growing range of prints and techniques that enable rapid and successful reproduction of expensive (sometimes inaccessible and complicated for lay) classic building materials - pavers, various types of tiles, rocks, stone and brickwork and certain types of mosaics. As a major component concrete is used, which is the most used and readily available building material.
Local, accessible and cheap raw materials are used, as well as all possibilities for mechanization and automation in the preparation, transportation and installation of stamped concrete. There are also various opportunities for making products with optimal form in terms of structural mechanics and architecture. Concretes are with long durability, their characteristics can vary widely according to specific needs and requirements. Moreover, products with preset properties can be obtained. Compared to other building techniques, technology of laying Stamped concrete allows rapid implementation of coverings.
These advantages are a prerequisite stamped concrete to become the preferred technique for designers and architects in the design and implementation of park paths, shopping paths, courtyards, parking lots, garages, gardens, swimming pools, areas around swimming pools, restaurants, taverns, hotels, restaurants, outlets and others.
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Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete - GFRC
Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete - GFRC
Stamped and decorative concrete - Salmero Ltd
Жизнерадостна и успешна пролет!
Жизнерадостна и успешна пролет!
SALMERO Ltd. is the exclusive representative of Company Marshalltown (USA) for Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia

SALMERO Ltd. manufactures and offers to the market a number of auxiliary materials for Stamped Concrete, vertical stamping, grinding concrete, decorative coverings, artificial rocks and waterfalls -  different types of fibers for concrete, polymer additives for concrete, impregnating sealants for concrete.