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In what limits vary the thickness of stamped concrete?
  • The thickness of the concrete is determined by the intended use, the type and the degree of sealing of the field. It is better to determine the thickness to consult a designer. Minimum thickness of the concrete work at fraction 5/15 is 7 cm. Most often applied thickness is between 8 and 10 centimeters.
  • The thickness of the concrete sets also the size of the field. It does not exceed 7 cm in side 3 m, 4 m, 10 cm, 12 cm-5, 15 cm-6m.
Example: for field size 28m by 4m:
To sweep at once the thickness becomes 10 cm and it is cut in each 3m by Groover, which thins the thickness of the pavement and it cracks inside the gap in shrinkage of concrete. This then works as a delation gap.

Why magnesium and metal tools are used in different phases of the installation of stamped concrete?
  • Upon initial rubbing of powdery colored hardeners magnesium instruments that do not close the pores of the concrete are used. After spraying, in laying of the second layer of binder metal tools are commonly used, which close the pores of the concrete.
What is the way of application of color hardeners in horizontal stamping?
  • In horizontal installation backfilling is a dry topping, which is spread on fresh concrete. For it rubbing magnesium tools are used, that do not close pores. After spraying of the second layer metal tools are used, which are closing the pores. After frosting the surface proceed to printing with stamps for stamping horizontally.
Is there a difference in terms stamped and decorative concrete, and if there is what is - in technology, application or composition?
  • Stamped concrete is rather part (method) from the infinite area of decorative concrete that incorporates a great many techniques, materials, and combinations thereof. Here are some of them (not exhaustive): ornamental texture spray with a template or overflow, acid patina, hand tracking and etching, engraving by sandblasting template, vibro-concrete products, glass reinforced concrete and many more other.
What are the basic steps in stamped concrete laying?
                The Basic Steps are:
  • Working The Concrete
  • Coloring the Concrete
  • Release
  • Stamping
  • Finishing Up

Can stamped concrete be applied over old concrete?
Has the old concrete to be preprocessed in some way?
  • Existing concrete in most cases is a good basis for the implementation of stamped concrete. If stamped concrete can be connected or released (by polyethylene) of existence one is a matter of judgment on many factors: the state of the surface, distribution of joints, tilt and more. It is important to know that the existing joints and cracks in the concrete base appear on the next layer if they are glued. This should be taken into account in the allocation of tiles. For the connection between the two layers  of concrete smooth contact surface is used, with implementation of deep penetrating primer for porkenous surfaces.
Each of the operations should be done at the right time of concrete hardening. Well-trained team of 5 people can meet quality about 50 m2 per day. In the performance of pavements has many hidden processes and if they do not meet, the result is poor quality stamped concrete flooring.
What is Polymer Modified Concrete?
  • Polymer Modified Concrete is a concrete mixture (meaning it has cement, sand and aggregate) that has been modified with acrylic polymer additives to give it high strength and exceptional bonding properties.
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